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Aug 14, '20 | Document Management Powerful Protection with Document Management | Century Business Technologies, Inc

Digital document management can make every document in the office safer and more secure.

The need to protect data these days is strong, and your security measures have to be stronger. An unprecedented amount of threats are out there, and any business may be vulnerable. Using digital document management provides a wide range of security benefits to all of your documents. 

Keeping Documents Secured

When you have scanned a document and shredded the hard copy, it's easier to keep that document secure. The digital document management system will keep your documents out of sight and behind security protections. It's harder for an outside entity to get ahold of a document if there is no paper to steal or photograph. Every document is safer from prying eyes when there is no paper file to go to.

Controlling Documents

Keeping documents in digital files only will do more than just keep people from coming across the hard copy and stealing the data. It also prevents anyone in the office from seeing it if they don't need to. There are documents that are needed by workers at different levels, and many documents full of valuable data can be kept behind a separate password to keep it even safer. For lower-level documents, lower-level employees will have all the access they need without allowing them to go into the system and look at anything they want. 

Encrypting Documents

Another way that digital document management can keep your data safer is by encrypting your most sensitive documents. This means that there is another layer of security added to documents that have especially lucrative data in them. Then, if your network is ever hacked, they won't be able to read those documents when they're inside the network. This is the perfect solution for employee data as well as sensitive customer data. Backing up these documents securely will enable you to retrieve them if there is a major catastrophe like a natural disaster. 

If your business could use better security for all of its documents, contact us today about getting started with document management. We can help your documents stay safe from hackers as well as employees and third parties who are looking to steal data from your office.

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