Software Development

Software Solutions

The Century Business Technologies engineering team has extensive experience in delivering software solutions for businesses. We are a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner with proficiencies that make us unique as a technology and professional services company. We can recommend, implement, integrate, configure, and even create customized solutions that fit your exact business needs. Our solutions can be utilized for internal workflow systems, web and cloud systems and mobile applications. We use an agile approach that allows us to integrate and collaborate with your team immediately and we help evaluate the most effective and innovative options for your business.

Software Development

We take immense pride in our history of delivering high-performance and scalable custom applications. We recognize that custom software is expensive so we will spend a great deal of time with your team, evaluating your best options, and we will not propose something that you don’t need.

When our clients engage any of us, they benefit from the collective experience, expertise, and creativity of our entire team. When a challenge arises, we quickly utilize all internal and external resources at our disposal to overcome it quickly. You can be sure we know what it takes to consistently deliver successful custom software projects.

We can design a new solution or re-engineer a legacy solution. Our goal is to ensure that we deliver the best solution that meets your satisfaction.

We have extensive and practical experience in the following business solutions:

  • Document Management
  • Customer Management
  • eCommerce
  • eProcurement
  • Manufacturing and assembly
  • Service Work Orders
  • Inventory Control
  • Shipping and distribution
  • Accounting and billing
  • Case Management
  • And much more…

Our customized solutions can encompass a variety of devices that are utilized by our staff, clients and suppliers. For those clients that do not wish to maintain their own server hardware and network staff, Century has a variety of options to support and manage customized systems and information.

Examples of some our Custom Software that can be customized further to fit your business needs:

Examples of some our Custom Software that can be customized further to fit your business needs:


OnCore Main

OnCore is a file storage, sharing, and streaming platform designed specifically for internal business communication. You and other users can store and share information with your teams to access inside or outside the office at any time, from any device. The platform also has learning management functions, so organizations can test employee comprehension or deploy internal polls. Some applications include employee onboarding and training, sales presentations, video tutorials, and more.                                                          

Want to learn more about OnCore? Visit the website to learn more.


Nexus Full Black No OutlineNexus is a web based procurement and supply platform that is comprised of a flexible model for requesting and supplying products and services. Nexus has been successfully implemented into corporate purchasing, supplier, and distributor business environments. It can be configured for eCommerce, eProcurement, and distribution models. Nexus provides the presentation, functionality, and rules to do a variety of business-to-business process automation that provide significant cost saving to both buyers and sellers. Some of the features include:

  • Unlimited accounts and buying groups that control access to SKUs, warehouses, and suppliers.
  • Unlimited SKUs and categories with a multi-level configurable catalog and item re-order history.
  • Thin client presentation (Web and Mobile) that does not require software installation.
  • Fully customizable interfaces and rules that can be applied by SKU category.
  • Flexible integration with buyer and supplier ERP and CA systems.
  • Order status monitoring and shipment tracking.
  • Inventory control and management including re-order points (ROP), Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) and safety stocks.
  • RFQ and special item ordering.
  • Auditing and reporting features.
  • Enhanced communications with suppliers and purchase level authorities.

Creating Smarter Solutions, Together.

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