Eform Solutions

eForm Solutions Eliminates Inefficient, Paper-based Processes

In many ways, forms are what enable companies to do business every day. You need the ability to collect, process and distribute the information that allows you to complete tasks and meet your goals.

At Century Business Technologies, we take pride in connecting people with technology that delivers the business results they want. We offer eForm Solutions that enable you to capture and route the information your business needs to function.


eForm Solutions

Features of eForms Solutions

User-Friendly Form Creation

You can create forms with minimal effort thanks to a drag-and-drop interface.

Customizable Form Logic

You can set up rules that change a form’s layout based on what someone enters. You can also require that certain fields are filled before people can submit a form.

Automatic Data Entry

You can set it up so that certain form fields are filled in automatically based on what someone has entered elsewhere.

Automatic Indexing

Once a form is filled out, you can route them to your content management system automatically. Not only that, you can arrange it so that key personnel get notified when they need to take action on a form.

Creating Smarter Solutions, Together.

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