Data Management

Data Management for Business Success

At Century Business Technologies, we understand the significance of accurate and reliable information for making decisions and ensuring exceptional operations. Our staff is composed of data specialists that will analyze and assist your organization in defining and maintaining information that is critical for your operations and reporting requirements.

Data Management Practices and Techniques

Data management involves the development and execution of architectures, policies, practices and procedures to manage the information lifecycle needs of your organization in an effective and accurate manner.

Our database specialists can assist you in determining the best ways for recording, categorizing, and reporting the information that is important to your business. We can design entirely innovative ways of managing your data and help you identify and archive information that is no longer of value to your workflow and decision processes.

Reporting and Analytics

Century’s Technical Services staff is experienced with many of the reporting technology tools that are found in business environments today, such as Crystal and SQL Server. We can aid in designing information extracts and reports that are critical to your business, such as operational tracking and regulatory requirements.

Information Migration

Data migration can be challenging when historical information needs to be transferred to a new system. This occurs in many situations and we have an established history of problem solving and delivering results that allow valuable information to be reconstructed and transferred into a new data environment.

Creating Smarter Solutions, Together.

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