Capture & Route Documents Faster with Century’s Scanners

Century specializes in growing your business through technology. Our scanners can serve as an essential piece of your collaborations and document distribution workflows. These outstanding pieces of equipment let you capture paper documents, create digital files and route them to different locations quickly and easily.

Features of Century’s Scanners

Century’s scanners give you the ability to:

  • Scan hundreds of black-and-white or color pages in just a few minutes
  • Duplex scan your paper documents for greater efficiency
  • Avoid scanning errors with features such as auto de-skew and size detection
  • Create PDFs and other standard file formats
  • Extract critical data from your files dependably
  • Store documents on your network quickly and reliably
  • Manage your office’s carbon footprint better thanks to energy-saving designs

Creating Smarter Solutions, Together.

To discuss how our managed services can help you put the pieces together, contact us!