Virtual Chief Information Officer

Dedicated vCIO

Is your technology struggling to keep up with your business needs and the competition? Are you feeling like by the time you’ve figured out what technology you need, something new has come on the market, making it outdated or obsolete? That’s the case for many small and mid-sized business that don’t have a dedicated chief information officer (CIO) to oversee their technology. The problem is, many companies can’t afford to hire such a position.  A growing number of businesses are enlisting the help of a Managed IT partner that brings with it a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO). With Centurycare Complete, a vCIO is a dedicated IT expert who works closely with you to address cybersecurity, cloud computing, business processes, big data analytics, software integration, strategic initiatives and other technology needs (for much less than hiring an executive position). In many respects, a vCIO brings greater benefits than hiring a staff member because a vCIO represents a team of vCIOs who have diverse backgrounds in many industries and can bring greater perspectives.

Fortunately with Centurycare Complete, your SMB can still reap many of the benefits that a CIO offers at a fraction of the cost by enlisting the help of a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO). Unlike other things labeled “virtual” these days, a vCIO is an actual human being that serves on a team of technical experts at your disposal. Instead of being on your payroll, however, this person’s services are offered as part of a Managed IT solution from a technology company, and you’ll have a predictable and fixed, monthly cost. This is especially helpful for forecasting budgets and mitigating the risk of unexpected IT expenses.

When you work with a vCIO, your employees aren’t pulled away from more important, mission-critical functions to help troubleshoot technical issues. Instead, the vCIO and an extensive support system of technicians are available to address problems such as slow computers, connectivity issues, printer errors, software updates and more.

Benefits of a vCIO

Beyond the technical assistance that’s provided, perhaps the most important functions a vCIO performs are assessing a company’s needs and strategizing with leaders to implement technology solutions and processes to meet its organizational goals. Some of those services can include:

  • Analyzing your current IT environment and providing a needs assessment.
  • Determining software and hardware needs and ensuring timely updates and licensing.
  • Addressing cybersecurity, disaster recovery, compliance and implementing best practices.
  • Assessing processes related to technology to improve efficiencies.
  • Providing recommendations for computers, software and other technology to stay current.
  • Working with an experienced team of technical experts that is available 24/7.
  • Developing an IT roadmap to look at the big picture and strategizing to see how technology can positively impact your bottom line.

CenturyCare Complete provides a better strategy!

  • Technology Road Map - Client collaboration to review future IT needs.
  • IT Business Impact - Understand the IT impact on the client's business.
  • Project Management - Provide a systematic approach to project management.
  • Vendor Management - Interact with the client's other vendors when necessary.
  • System Research & Design - Research technology to assure that the right solution is recommended.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning - Plan & prepare for an unexpected event affecting their IT systems.

Creating Smarter Solutions, Together.

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