Strategy Defined A cohesive response to an important business challenge.

Choosing a partner who truly values your business is difficult at best. 85% of most organizational challenges are process related, only 15% are related to people, yet 100% of those challenges cannot be solved without people who take ownership of the process. Century Business Technologies is committed to making it easy for you.

Utilizing a simple proven discovery process that embraces fundamental business requirements, we provide you with the resources needed to make sound, effective decisions regarding the technology used in your business. We ensure that your goals are both realistic and attainable, while providing the ability to monitor progress of any integration in real time.

We facilitate a repeatable, proven and easy to manage four step process that enables you to gain traction in your business.

Our Proven Strategy:

  1. We work with you to identify specific challenges and in what order you need them addressed.
  2. We discover what you have tried before and what is preventing you from getting the results you need.
  3. We map the environment, measure the current processes and help you analyze the contents.
  4. We work with you to build the platform that best suits your needs, both immediate and long term, with measurable verified gates to monitor progress and completion.


As companies are facing the realities of the “digital transformation” of business, the ability to quickly organize, digitize, and automate the endless streams of information required to be successful is daunting. Our strategy will meet these three simple criteria:

  • Versatile = flexible creation and seamless integration across your entire business.
  • Scalable = designed to grow and change as your organization develops and grows.
  • Agnostic = allowing you true autonomy in making these critical decisions.

With our help, you can accelerate and improve business performance through optimization of business processes, which dramatically improves customer service, increases revenue and provides you with a competitive advantage in your market.

Creating Smarter Solutions, Together.

To discuss how our technology solutions can help you put the pieces together, contact us!