Key Ingredients for Effective Cybersecurity

Apr 23, '24 | Cyber Security Key Ingredients for Effective Cybersecurity

For effective cybersecurity, there are several elements that your company needs to have in place.

The need for cybersecurity is growing each year as hackers find more and more ways to get into business networks and steal the data there. For effective cybersecurity, there are several elements that your company needs to have in place.

Security Training

When it comes to cybersecurity, it's always better to prevent an attack than it is to try to stop one and recover from it. Part of preventing security breaches is to have employee training that covers many different safety aspects. Many times, it is a simple mistake made by an employee that leads to someone getting into the company's network and away with its valuable data. Employees should be taught when to avoid clicking on links, the danger of plugging an unknown thumb drive into the network and how to choose and retain passwords that are complex and impossible to guess.

Be Ready for Disaster

Before an attack ever takes place, part of your security plan should include a backup plan that will help the company to get back on its feet quickly after a data breach. This often consists of a detailed plan for IT personnel as well as reliable backups for data. When the data is backed up, it can be recovered by the company if it is stolen, erased, or a natural disaster destroys the computer network. A cloud backup is often used because it is scalable and more secure than many other backup methods. 

Security Layers

To help avoid hackers and malware, using as many layers of security as possible is a must in today's business world. The data streams that go from computer to computer to the printers and mobile devices must be encrypted from one end to the other. There must be software that monitors for malware and hacking attempts so that the problem can be caught quickly. This anti-virus software has to be updated regularly to keep the latest fixes ready to ward off malware.

If you want to keep your computer network safer and your data easier to protect as well as recover after a problem, contact us today. Find out how we can improve your network security and make it possible to recover all of your data if the worst should ever happen.

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