The Challenges of In-House Managed IT

May 13, '24 | Managed IT Services The Challenges of In-House Managed IT

Managed IT is a helpful way to make sure that your company's cybersecurity needs are being met.

Managed IT is a helpful way to make sure that your company's cybersecurity needs are being met. There are a few challenges that may also present themselves, but there are many ways to solve those challenges and stay secure from hacks.

Understanding the Solutions

Because cybersecurity is so vital in today's business climate, it's essential to know what IT does and how it can be assisted in the office. Managed IT services are complex, but the better you understand what they're doing, the more you can contribute from your end. Your office may need new software or even new equipment to stay compliant with data privacy laws or to avoid trouble in your network. And the more you know about how managed IT works, the more you can teach to other employees and answer their questions.

Creating Company Policies

One way that you can contribute to the security of your company's network is to set company policies that will keep it safer. The first step in this is employee training. There should be a comprehensive training session, or sessions, that teach employees the ways that they may leave the network vulnerable to attacks and how to be safer in the network. Then, policies should be outlines that make these techniques into concrete rules that have to be followed. Things like the types of passwords the employees choose and the links they click on from company equipment should be regulated to avoid security breaches.

Working With IT

Because IT is so essential to the security of your company, it's important to work with IT instead of against it. If employees see one rule as too challenging to follow and have found a way around it, this can seem useful and time-saving. However, this is not a way to work with IT toward the security of the network. Instead of seeking ways around the rules, find ways that will make the rules easier for employees to follow. New software or upgraded hardware maybe what a worker needs to spend less time on following the rules and more time getting their work done for the day.

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