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May 13, '20 | Managed IT Services The Major Advantages of Managed IT Services for Your Business | Century Business Technologies, Inc

Managed IT services are outsourced services that keep your company's computer network in the best condition possible.

Every business today needs IT to work done. However, not every business has a budget available for full IT staff. Managed IT services is an alternative way to get the IT help your company needs without putting it at a budgetary disadvantage.

Keeping the Network Monitored

Even if your company had a full IT team on the payroll, chances are that they would monitor the system only during business hours. Having someone on call at all times to help solve problems isn't a standard part of an IT worker's job. However, managed IT services come with monitoring around the clock. This allows a data breach or hack attempts to be dealt with swiftly and before it gets any worse. This is a major advantage for every business that uses this service. It can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a business catastrophe.

Updates and Fixes

Every computer network needs a little work here and there. One of the simplest things that a network needs is to download its updates and patches. However, it's common for workers to put this off until another time. Putting off updates often means leaving the system vulnerable to attack. With managed IT services, each update is completed so that there are never any unnecessary security holes in the system. And when a small fix is needed to help prevent a bigger problem, IT workers are there to do them as they are needed.


One of the biggest advantages of managed IT services over in-house IT workers is the enormous cost savings. Having just two or three IT workers in-house means paying full salaries for highly skilled workers plus their benefits. In addition, they must be provided with equipment and office space. None of this comes cheap, but it's all necessary when you have your own IT team. However, none of those expenses are needed when you simply outsource this department. You still get all of the IT expertise that your company needs but without the hefty price tag that too often goes with it.

If your business is ready for managed IT services, contact us today to find out how we can help your company with this important need.

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