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Jul 6, '22 | Document Management Can Document Management Improve Security? | Century Business Technologies, Inc

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Document management can do a little bit of everything--improve organization, simplify communication, empower remote workers, you name it. But can document management also help make your business more secure? Let's find out!

The Biggest Benefit of Document Management

It's true that document management has a long list of benefits--a list so long, in fact, that you might have trouble deciding which one is most important. However, the truth is that document management's greatest strength is actually security.

Why? Well, it all comes down to the point of document management, which is to give you better control over your data. While you're improving organization and implementing new tools for communication, you're also rebuilding your entire document approach around a better, smarter, more reliable framework. That means you can be working on security without even realizing it.

Take, for example, digitizing your documents, which is an important part of document management. This step might seem focused on boosting efficiency and saving money, but it's also a great way to minimize the risks associated with paper files. In this way, you're enjoying the biggest benefit of document management even if that wasn't your ultimate goal--which means improving security is easier than ever.

3 Ways Document Management Protects Your Data

So, how does document management get the job done? Here are three big ways:

#1: Creating backups

Backups are a simple but effective tool for security, but it can be difficult to manage a backup project on your own. Document management helps create the framework for your backups, allowing you to decide where and how certain data should be stored, whether you want to use additional tools like encryption, and more.

#2: Controlling permissions

Not everyone needs access to your entire document database. With document management, it's easy to control user permissions so the right people have the right access--all without creating data silos or extra workflow steps.

#3: Improving visibility

It's difficult to make security decisions if you don't have all the facts. Document management gives you visibility into your files in every form, both online and off--and when you can see the situation clearly, you can identify vulnerabilities and implement targeted improvements.

In conclusion, document management is an effective solution because it helps protect your files even when you're not actively making security improvements. Plus, you get a long list of other benefits along the way--so document management is a true win-win.

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