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Mar 16, '23 | Managed IT Services Tech Security Trends and the Crossover with Managed IT | Century Business Technologies, Inc

Let Century Business Technologies help you stay up to date on security updates that could be critical to your business.

Security is more than just a trend, of course - it's critical business infrastructure. However, it's important to stay updated on changing security practices, solutions, and issues so that your business doesn't fall behind and create vulnerabilities by trying to keep the same security system all the time.

It can be hard to constantly update security and IT, but that's where managed IT services can help. From being proactive about challenges and risks to identifying current holes in your system, a managed IT team saves money by providing top-notch outsourced services and avoiding expensive problems in the long run.

Key Security Changes

Some major changes in IT and security might sound familiar, and the team at Century Business Technologies can help answer any questions you have. Here are some important changes to consider reviewing with your vendor:

  • Cloud computing and data security
  • Creating a comprehensive security wall for your IT system
  • Ensuring all equipment and network devices are enabled in the system
  • Creating extra protections for remote work

Upcoming Trends

Okay, so you have an idea about the issues you need to address. But you're wondering how these changes are being integrated? A few ways including:

  • Using AI and other 'bot' technology to analyze data and improve cloud computing
  • Automating data security
  • Creating a 'digital immune system' to integrate all operations, equipment, and services
  • Investing in managed IT to stay on top of all technology, security, updates, threats, and more Feeling like you see some answers here but still have some questions? We're here to help.

How to Stay Up-to-date

Staying ahead of security risks is critical in any business environment. Let managed IT help you get it right and invest in proactive management of future issues. Talk to the Century Business Technologies team to get going with managed IT today.

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