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Jan 7, '23 | Document Management 3 Key Ways that Companies are Integrating Electronic Forms | Century Business Technologies, Inc

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Online forms are miles ahead of hard copy forms. By using built-in logic, requirements, and typed responses, eForms are essential to integrate into your business practices. Below are the three ways that companies integrate the forms into their business workflows.

Upgrade Scanning Systems

First of all, you need efficient scanning in order to totally go digital. How does that impact forms? You just want to ensure that all of your communications are digitized so that you're not half hard copy and half digital. It's an easy first step to making sure you have the digital environment to support electronic form submission.

Introduce the Right eForms Solution

Next, you need to ensure that the eForms solution you select serves your company and your industry. For example, in education, eForms can be a lifesaver in preventing lost approval and permission slips. Make sure you are paying attention to your customers and your audience - in that case, it's parents.

For other companies, eForms can help with on-boarding, and in industries like healthcare, it's helpful for patient intake. Think about how your forms will need to be used the most efficiently and discuss this with your vendor to make the practice as convenient as possible. You'll also want to seriously consider document management in addition to your eForms solutions to ensure that your digital workflows are efficient and easy to use.

Talk to the Professionals

Lastly, you'll want to talk to a pro team in order to make the process smooth and simple for integrating your eForms. Taking the road to electronic forms will pay off quickly for your business. It's not hard to make the move to update your communications and workflows, you just want to work with the right team. That's Century Business Technologies - the vendor you can count on. Get in touch with Century today.

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