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Sep 29, '22 | Strong Security for Better Business | Century Business Technologies, Inc

Protect your company's data and networks with cyber and email security systems.

What is cyber and email security? Cybersecurity is protecting your network and business data from threats and hacks that can seriously impact your business. Email security takes it one step further by securing emails from unauthorized access and preventing information in an email from being compromised. Also, email is one of the main entry points for cyber-criminals. It all comes together!

Why does this matter to your business? Well, it's obvious for a large company, but now even small businesses are being targeted by hackers for cybersecurity threats and data breaches. Why? Because small businesses sometimes overlook security completely. Don't let that be you!

Cybersecurity Starts Here

Business security is a top priority, and you need to ensure that you're dialed in - from security and compliance to cybersecurity to managed IT protections and risk mitigation.

Working with a reliable vendor will ensure that you have a comprehensive network and data security and email security so that your business is protected from all potential entry points. Talk with your vendor about your current security strategy, your business size, data, and growth potential. This will give your team of experts a good idea of how to set up a system that will work for your business long-term.

Solutions to Protect Your Business

A few quick solutions that your professional cybersecurity team will evaluate include:

  • Spam and phishing protection - and training
  • Control access to devices and data
  • Password support - creating complex passwords (that you can remember!)
  • Identify suspicious behavior
  • Provide threat assessment and protection in real-time
  • And much more!

Talk to the Team

Century Business Technologies can help your employees establish a strong, protected cybersecurity system that will ensure your business data is managed properly. Ready to make the move to proactive, reliable cybersecurity support? Contact Century today.

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