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Nov 25, '22 | Making Cybersecurity Your Top Priority in Business Ops | Century Business Technologies, Inc

Reliable cybersecurity should be a priority in your business to keep your information and your customer's information safe.

Cyberattacks are a very real risk to individuals, businesses, and governments in today's technology world. While ideally, your business will never be truly compromised by a cyberattack, it's almost impossible to predict, and it's just as challenging to repair your reputation, security, and company after a substantial attack.

Where to Start

So - how do you start with reliable cybersecurity? Here are a few quick items to review in your business, just to get you started:

  • Create multi-factor authentication across accounts and platforms at your business.
  • Ensure that software and networks are updated as needed and with any essential patches
  • Train employees on secure, strong passwords and require strong passwords for all network and workplace logins
  • Invest in endpoint protection software and email threat protection

Next, you'll want to talk to a reliable vendor partner to really review and evaluate your cybersecurity plan. A vendor like Century Business Technologies can help you create a helpful strategy for security, find essential solutions, and proactively plan for the future of your business - with cybersecurity, IT security, and all protections integrated.

Cybersecurity Needs for Your Business

In addition to the above quick fixes - easy to address, in-house cybersecurity - you'll want to make sure that you have your backup solutions covered, in addition to process assessments and workflow optimization. That just makes your life easier and works well with your cybersecurity solutions. In a nutshell, talk to your trusted vendor partner to get all the workflow solutions you need to be bundled together.

Make Sure You're Covered

Addressing cybersecurity concerns is simple when you have the right team on your side. For your business, that probably means working with Century Business Technologies. The team at Century will set up your business, security, and protections so that you are able to really focus on business growth - not chasing down security issues. Reach out today to kick-start your solutions.

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