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Aug 12, '22 | Managed IT Services Managed IT Services: Getting Leadership Buy-In | Century Business Technologies, Inc

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Say you've done all the research, answered all your questions, and officially decided that managed IT services is the best option for your business. Congratulations--your job is done, right?

Not so fast. You still need to convince your company's leadership to buy into the idea--and to do that, you'll need to bring a few important points to the table.

The Value of Managed IT Services

If you've gotten this far, you probably already know what managed IT services can do for your business. But do you know how to put the best benefits in the spotlight, so key stakeholders understand exactly what to expect from this solution?

Not to worry--we've done the hard work for you. Here's what to highlight when you're "selling" managed IT services to your company's leadership:

#1: "Managed IT services saves money."

Saving money is an important goal for any business. If you want key stakeholders to be interested in managed IT services, remember to point out all the ways in which this solution protects your budget--like identifying and eliminating wasteful practices, optimizing your device and software selections, avoiding costly downtime, and more.

#2: "Managed IT services helps our people do more."

Managed IT services isn't all about technology. Instead, it's about giving people the tech they need to simplify their tasks, maximize their efficiency, and enhance their existing skillsets. Employees can do better work, which means better results for the business.

#3: "Managed IT services improves security."

One of the biggest selling points of any managed IT solution is the ability to eliminate security vulnerabilities. Your company's leadership will be delighted to hear that managed IT can help protect devices, automate updates, improve internal security habits, and take other steps to avoid compliance issues and data breaches.

#4: "Managed IT services doesn't take away our control."

Although managed IT services is offered through a provider, this third-party company doesn't make all the decisions for you. Instead, you work together. The provider gives you recommendations and advice, your leaders have the final say, and then the provider helps implement whatever decisions you make.


Managed IT services has a long list of solutions--but if you brought them all to a meeting with key stakeholders, you'd be there all day. Instead, highlight the most important parts of managed IT when trying to sell this solution to your company's leadership, focusing on things like cost savings and security improvements.

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