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Jul 26, '22 | Cybersecurity Tips: How to Handle Employees Leaving | Century Business Technologies, Inc

Make sure your cybersecurity is set up to protect all employees, even those who may be leaving your company.

It can be bittersweet to say goodbye to a loyal team member. They're off to do great things--but before they go, there are a few steps you need to take to protect your company's cybersecurity interests. Here's what to know.

Cybersecurity Considerations and Goodbyes

In today's modern world, there are all kinds of variables impacting your company's cybersecurity efforts. It's not just about technology--the people who use that tech are also part of the equation. Even when you're saying goodbye to a long-time employee, you still need to be thinking about cybersecurity and how you can protect your data.

Of course, each individual worker comes with their own cybersecurity variables--which means things can quickly get complicated when that individual leaves. Although solutions like managed IT services can help you take control of all the moving parts, it's still important to know how to build cybersecurity into your goodbyes.

Here's what to know:

Don't underestimate the exit interview.

An exit interview isn't just a good chance to learn about an employee's time at your company--it's also an opportunity to cover all your cybersecurity bases. You should get this kind of info from an employee during the exit interview:

  • What company devices do you have?
  • How and where did you save your documents?
  • What accounts did you have access to?
  • How can we reach you after you leave?

Delete employee accounts.

Employees create a lot of accounts to do their work. Don't stop at emails; look for accounts on printers, company software, authorized apps, and more.

Change company passwords.

Even if the exiting employee is the most loyal individual in the world, it's still important to change the passwords after they leave. Use the information to get in the exit interview to identify which accounts this person had access to, then change the passwords and notify current workers of the update.


Goodbyes can be bittersweet, but if you don't manage them properly, they can also be a cybersecurity disaster. Make sure to take all the right steps when employees leave--that way, you can focus on wishing them luck instead of worrying about a cybersecurity mess left in their wake.

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