Cybersecurity Tips: How Hackers Hack

Jun 17, '24 | Cybersecurity Tips: How Hackers Hack

To make the most of your cybersecurity efforts, today we'll "think like hackers" and learn how this helps permanently improve your cybersecurity efforts!

To make the most of your cybersecurity efforts, it's sometimes necessary to get inside the mind of the enemy--that is, to understand how hackers hack. That way, you know which doors to close, which vulnerabilities to look out for, and how to keep your company safe. Today we'll "think like hackers" and learn how this helps permanently improve your cybersecurity efforts!

Thinking Like a Hacker

Imagine, for a moment, that you are a hacker. Your paycheck depends on taking advantage of some innocent company. Of course, you don't care about morality--you're just out to make a quick buck, even if that means completely destroying a small business.

Here are some vulnerabilities that you'd just love to take advantage of:

  • Human error: Sometimes, employees make mistakes--and that's good news for you, a devious hacker. If employees accidentally create an unsecured file, set a weak password, or otherwise fail to protect the company, you can take advantage of their mistakes.

  • An inside job: Employees working against their own companies make great allies for you. This only works, though, if the company is vulnerable to its own employees--meaning that there are no tools in place to limit access or individual power.

  • Missed updates: Forgetting software updates seems innocent enough, but a hacker like you can take advantage of cybersecurity vulnerabilities that those updates were supposed to fix.

  • Real-world weaknesses: Sometimes, you can walk right up to a company and exploit weaknesses in their physical defenses--like documents abandoned on the printer tray.

Stop Hackers with Cybersecurity Solutions

Now that you've thought like a hacker, it's time to get back into cybersecurity mode and protect your company against, well, you. Here are a few solutions that will help defeat our hypothetical hacker:

  • Use document solutions: Tools like document management help automate tasks and eliminate human error.

  • Implement access control: Limit the risk of "an inside job" by using access control tools, allowing users to access only that data which is necessary for their work.

  • Update: Don't procrastinate on those software updates!

  • Remember the real world: Cybersecurity doesn't just happen online; make sure to implement solutions that protect real-world documents, file cabinets, printers, and more.

While it's unsettling to think like a hacker, getting into your enemy's head can help identify weaknesses in your own processes. Remember, there are cybersecurity solutions that can protect you from hackers--you just have to implement them efficiently and effectively.

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