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Jan 18, '22 | Cyber Security What Are the Types of IT Security? | Century Business Technologies, Inc

Learn more about the three types of IT security: network, internet, and device choose.

IT security is a tricky term, simply because it can refer to so many different things. However, to effectively protect your business, data, users, and customers, it's important to understand all those things--and know how to put them to use. Here's a look at what we mean when we say "IT security!"

IT Security Defined

Put simply, IT security is all about protecting your company in the technical world. Unfortunately, that's where the simplicity stops. IT security quickly becomes complicated when you realize just how many devices, data types, connections, and vulnerabilities are actually involved in day-to-day work.

For this reason, IT security is broken down into a few different types:


Network security is all about connections. It takes an often-overlooked element of your tech environment--your network--and ensures that there are no weak points or risky connections. For example, network security solutions might involve setting up a guest network to keep unauthorized users away from your most sensitive data.


Internet security focuses on how, why, and when you use the internet. It protects against threats you may not even realize you're facing, helping you utilize the internet for communication and data transfer without falling into some of the most dangerous traps.


Also known as endpoint security, this is your chance to take a good hard look at the devices you use every day. Computers, phones, tablets, even multifunction printers--if it connects to the internet and accesses your data, it needs to go under the magnifying glass. Some elements of device security also emphasize the user's role in data protection, helping employees feel like part of your IT security team.


Although these three main types of IT security are crucial for every business, they're only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There's plenty more to know--so keep an eye on our blog for more information on this important topic.

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