From Off-Site Storage to Digital Document Storage

Jan 23, '24 | Document Management From Off-Site Storage to Digital Document Storage

A digital document management solution can revolutionize the way you store your files.

Nearly every business has a document storage problem. Legal guidelines require the retention of certain documents, such as bills, invoices, and receipts for specific timeframes. Moreover, yearly audits require even more documentation.

All of this leads to the booming off-site storage industry — a vast and expensive wasteland of paper as far as the eye can see. Sure, off-site document storage has some advantages: you remain compliant by keeping critical documents and clear up precious space by having them stored away from the office.

On the flip side, off-site document storage has many disadvantages as well, such as being expensive and waste. A digital document management solution can revolutionize the way you store your files.

Piles of Papers

While paper documents serve important purposes and will probably never be obsolete, keeping a vast amount of them presents a variety of challenges — they are difficult to organize, secure, and store compactly. Once you run out of the space in your office, you must move your files to an off-site storage facility. Once files go offsite, they tend to linger, unaccessed for years, while you pay for them to sit there!

With document management, you can transfer all of your hard copies to digital files, making your data more secure, organized, accessible, and cost-effective. DM can help improve overall business processes by improving your document management, monitoring, and storage.

Access, Simplicity, Security

When you have documents stored offsite, access can be a nightmare. It often takes half a day for someone to get to the storage facility and then dig through boxes of files to find the correct piece of paper or file.

Imagine being able to search for and retrieve virtually any document you need quickly and easily! With document management, that dream can be a reality. Once your files are scanned and saved, they can be searched and shared easily. Plus, with document capture software, scanning docs and capturing data is fast and safe.

It is time to let go of the cumbersome file cabinets and costly off-site document storage. Get started today.

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