Is It Time to Update Your Company's Cybersecurity Policy? | Century Business Technologies, Inc

Jul 30, '20 | Is It Time to Update Your Company's Cybersecurity Policy? | Century Business Technologies, Inc

Cybersecurity policies should be flexible and entail the use of company education for workers.

The cybersecurity policy that your company uses is a vital part of keeping the business up and running. Without a comprehensive policy, every part of the company's network would be at risk for hacking and malware.

Allowing for Growth

Your company's cybersecurity policy must be company-wide and set in stone, or should it? While the rules have to be laid out for everyone, there must be enough flexibility that it's easy enough to amend the policy. Cyber threats never cease, and they continue to grow and change over time. If your policy isn't made for growth, it will soon be out of date and obsolete. An overly inflexible policy may soon be ignored by workers because it is too unwieldy for easy use of the network. Don't be afraid to change the policy.

Continuing Education

Part of keeping your company's cybersecurity policy up to date is to make sure workers know what is expected of them. Almost half of business data loss happens because of workers making mistakes. If employees get only a single introduction to cybersecurity when they onboard, they won't be keeping up with the latest threats to networks and data. Keep them updated with regular meetings that address cybersecurity, how to avoid phishing, and how to keep their devices as safe as possible.

Worker Devices

One of the biggest changes in company cybersecurity in the past few years is workers using their own devices for work. This can be done in the office, or they may be working on their own devices at home. In both cases, they need to know how to keep their devices as safe as they can. Before private devices get connected to the company network, you need to know that those devices won't be an easy back door for hackers to get into your system. Discuss security often, and remind workers that vulnerable devices are a risk to the entire system.

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