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Feb 17, '22 | Cyber Security IT Security vs. Cybersecurity: What's the Difference? | Century Business Technologies, Inc

Don't be worried about your business's IT security, invest in managed IT security.

When it comes to protecting your company, there are two important terms to know: IT security and cybersecurity. However, it's not always obvious if these terms mean the same thing or if they represent two totally different approaches. Today we'll clear up this technological ambiguity by exploring the difference between IT security and cybersecurity!

Know Your IT Security Vocabulary

Remember studying vocabulary words in grade school? That's not so different from what you'll need to do in the business world to protect your data, networks, devices, and more. In fact, being well-informed is your first step toward solid, reliable IT security.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves--so let's slow down and take a closer look at what a couple of these terms actually mean:

IT security

The term "IT security" refers to information technology and the ways you can utilize it to protect your business. It's broad and generalized, which means it covers all the other elements you'll need to focus on--including cybersecurity.


Cybersecurity is a more specific term. It focuses more on computer systems, mobile devices, and other tools that access data and can therefore be vulnerable. It's a necessary element in your overall IT security approach, but it can't protect your data all by itself.

Uniting IT Security and Cybersecurity

Now that you know what these terms mean, it's important to understand how you can bring them together to create a fully secure approach. The secret is managed IT services.

With a managed IT services provider on your side, you'll have help with all elements of IT security, including:

  • Cybersecurity: Your managed IT provider will help you identify issues with your devices. They'll suggest targeted solutions that improve security without giving you hoops to jump through.

  • Employee training: Another important element of IT security is the people who use those devices. With managed IT services, you can stay on top of employee training, making sure everyone feels informed and responsible when it comes to protecting company data.

  • New threats: To have a fully successful IT security approach, you'll also need to stay aware of new threats and create a strategy flexible enough to respond. Your managed IT services provider can help you connect the dots between digital dangers and savvy solutions.

In conclusion, "IT security" is an umbrella term that includes the more specific "cybersecurity," which means that neither can be left out of your security conversations. Luckily, managed IT services can help unite your approaches and create a multifaceted security strategy to protect your business.

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