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May 19, '22 | Cyber Security How Many Types of IT Security Are There? | Century Business Technologies, Inc

Even your IT security needs to be protected. Solve that issue by finding a manged IT service provider.

Do you know how many things fall under the "IT security" umbrella? More importantly, do you know what role each one plays in defending your devices, data, and company overall? Today we're taking a peek under that umbrella to find out how many types of IT security exist and why they matter.

Breaking Down IT Security

Let's face it: IT security is no walk in the park. That becomes especially true when you realize how many things actually count as IT security. Here's a look:

  • Endpoint security is all about protecting the "endpoints" of your IT infrastructure--that is, the devices you use to connect to your network. This can include printers, mobile devices, computers, and more.

  • Network security focuses on protecting your network itself. The most important part of network security is protecting against breaches and uninvited guests, which often involves a complex array of tools and solutions.

  • Application security helps you rely on the apps you use every day. By investigating and strengthening these applications, you'll reduce the risk of data theft or corruption.

  • Cloud security involves anything you do to protect your cloud environment. Sometimes it's built into the cloud system or service you use--but no matter where it originates, cloud security is a big deal.

Feeling overwhelmed yet? Don't worry--any company would look at all these elements and worry they're not hitting the mark when it comes to IT security. The good news is that there's one solution to help you bring together all these moving parts: managed IT services. By treating your IT environment holistically, a managed IT provider can address all these security approaches at the same time, giving you the protection you can count on.

No matter how you choose to pursue IT security tools and solutions, remember that your data, employees, and customers are all counting on you to check the right boxes.


IT security is an umbrella term including all kinds of distinct, complex approaches--and each one has an important part to play in your business. However, juggling all these moving parts can get overwhelming, so many companies choose to find a managed IT services partner to help get the job done.

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