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Aug 20, '20 | Cyber Security Everything You Really Need to Know About IT Security | Century Business Technologies, Inc

IT security is an increasingly important aspect of doing business in today's world.

Security for your network and everything on it is an important part of running your business. There are compliance laws as well as the need to stay in control of customer data to keep their trust and business. Here are three types of IT security that have to be addressed by every company no matter what their size.

Internet Security

The security of what you send and receive online is a part of your internet security. It also concerns your web-based apps and the security involved with using them. Internet security protections are for monitoring the traffic coming into your system to watch for any malware and other problems. It can also be used to ward off unwanted web traffic. This type of security is often a combination of different security measures, including a firewall,  anti-spy software, and anti-malware software. 

Network Security

With network security, cybercriminals are kept out of your computer network. These security measures keep the system running without being attacked by malicious, unauthorized users. Network security keeps hackers from being able to get into the network and access your company's data. It also keeps malicious users from being able to impede your company's employees from being able to use the network. Network security is increasingly important as more hackers try to get into business networks to cause harm and steal data. 

Endpoint Security

This type of security is protection that is provided at the level of the individual device rather than the entire network as a whole. This type of security is vital these days as so many workers use mobile devices to engage with the network. This type of security includes laptops, tablets, cell phones, and desktop computers. It works to keep the individual device from accessing networks that are malicious and that may pose a danger to your company. Endpoint security can include device management software as well as certain types of malware protection.

If your company could use better IT security for your computer network, contact us today to find out how to get started with a better level of IT security protection. 

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