Can Your Document Management Solution Do This?

Nov 20, '23 | Document Management Can Your Document Management Solution Do This?

Here's how electronic document management can solve a host of problems caused by paper-based systems.

How does your organization manage its documents? Are you relying solely on paper records and the necessary storage solutions or do you have a mix of paper and electronic systems in play? Read on if you've been struggling to stay ahead of the information management game.

Why Wait?

With the increase in compliance regulations and the possibility of a natural or human-caused disaster, the consequences of improper document management and storage could be devastating for your company.

Here's how electronic document management can solve a host of problems caused by paper-based systems.

  1. Secure document storage — Solutions for securing physical records may work for a time, but few of them are foolproof. The risk of losing your company's collective knowledge is very high when everything is on paper or stored on hard drives. Scanning to a document management system ensures continuous data backup to keep your information safe, no matter what kind of unforeseen event comes your way.
  2. Collaboration — The way you manage information every day has a direct impact on how quickly and accurately your team can bring critical projects to a close. Electronic document management eliminates the bottlenecks common to other solutions, giving team members centralized access and real-time collaboration. Version controls eliminate the guesswork that plagues less-agile solutions.
  3. Compliance — A variety of industry-related compliance rules mandate how long certain documents must remain on file, and privacy regulations stipulate who can view sensitive information. In all cases, the burden of proof is on you. Document management provides tracking solutions for greater visibility and an added layer of security. Automated retention schedules delete documents at the appointed time, eliminating the risks and time associated with managing document destruction timetables.

Does your document management solution address the issues described above? If yours is falling short in critical areas, Century Business Technologies can help. Contact us to get started today!

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