Can Small Businesses Win at Cybersecurity?

Nov 6, '23 | Cyber Security Can Small Businesses Win at Cybersecurity?

Small businesses can win at cybersecurity with the right approach. This blog offers three practical tips to help small businesses strengthen their cybersecurity defenses and protect against digital threats. Don't overlook the basics, get a helping hand from tech experts, and think outside the box to stay ahead. Find out more in this informative blog post.

You may be a small business, but your cybersecurity needs are probably huge. Luckily, there are a few ways to win this David-and-Goliath battle--and they're simpler than you might think.

3 Tips for Cybersecurity

Can you really win at cybersecurity with just three tips?

Well--probably not.

However, the key to cybersecurity is to approach it as a constantly evolving journey. Sure, you can build a foundation and work up from there--but unless you're a technological genius, you probably won't be able to keep up with every single digital threat coming your way.

That's why it's smart to start small and take one step at a time. Here are three tips to help you do just that:

Get a helping hand.

There's no shame in asking for a little help--especially from tech experts. Managed IT services gives you the chance to outsource some of your most stressful IT responsibilities while maintaining control over the biggest, most important decisions. You'll get personalized cybersecurity advice, hand-picked tools and solutions, and plenty of support as you upgrade your processes.

Don't overlook the basics.

Firewalls, encryption, and data backups may seem like child's play when you're facing down all kinds of big, scary threats--but the truth is that these solutions are tried and true. Don't overlook them as part of your cybersecurity foundation.

Think outside the box.

Are your usernames and passwords readily available on the Dark Web? Is every single network printer secure? Are employees using safe applications when they bring their own devices to work? These are questions that may not occur to you right away, especially when you're focused on the bigger stuff--but thinking outside the box is key when it comes to cybersecurity for small businesses.


Cybersecurity may be a huge responsibility for small businesses, but with a little help, you're more than up to the task. Just keep these tips in mind--and don't forget to ask for help when you need it.

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