Crosswind Cuts Costs While Improving Productivity and Security

Providing services across seven counties between Wichita and Topeka presents many challenges when it comes to managing documents and collaboration.

About Crosswinds Counseling & Wellness

Rob Runquist, CEO of Crosswinds Counseling and Wellness understands these challenges well. Century Business Technologies provided a solution that helped the organization cut costs while acquiring new systems that increase productivity, enhance security, and enable collaboration. 

Crosswinds Counseling and Wellness ( delivers a wide variety of critical mental health services through seven locations in Chase, Coffey, Greenwood, Lyon, Morris, Osage, and Wabaunsee counties. The mission is to provide dynamic, culturally-sensitive, high-quality behavioral healthcare to residents in the most effective, caring, and efficient manner.



As a growing health services organization, Crosswinds faced many challenges when it came to their office technology.

1. Outdated Technology

When Runquist first arrived at Crosswinds, he discovered a wide assortment of aging office technology. With documents playing a critical role in the patient care process, when equipment like copiers and printers failed, it caused big challenges. “We owned all of our copiers. Some of them were so old that when they broke, we were concerned that the parts might not even be available.”

2. Time-Draining Meetings

Once a week staff meetings were a huge time drain for the organization. With some staff members driving over an hour to the main office, a simple staff meeting could end up eating half a day.

Century Business Technologies offered to do an audit of the technology in all of Crosswinds locations to uncover potential areas for improvement.

Leasing Current Technology

In addition to a full inventory of the equipment, the technology audit uncovered the true cost of operating the aging fleet of printers and copiers. When the cost of maintaining the old systems was added up, it became apparent that it could be less expensive to lease new technology. “By leasing we are paying less money than what it was costing to keep our old machines maintained,” said Runquist. Plus, Crosswinds will always stay up-to-date with the latest technology.

Secure Multifunction Systems Crosswinds chose to implement fully-networked multifunction systems that print, copy, fax, and scan. The easy-to-use scanning services provide a convenient alternative to faxing. The devices also use the latest security protocols to help ensure the privacy of patient information. Instead of print jobs sitting on the exit tray of the device, jobs are held until the user enters a personal code, helping keep information private. 

Digital Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards installed in multiple locations have all but eliminated the need to drive to meetings. These 55 inch screens make it easy share presentations and notes, transforming the whiteboard into a collaborative tool. At the end of meetings, notes and presentations are easily shared with the team.


The Crosswinds staff enjoys the new technology. The following are several of the key benefits.

1. Increased Productivity

The new technology drives productivity. “It’s kind of funny. You would think in working with a copier company, we’d use more paper. We actually use less.” Instead of sending faxes, most documents are now scanned and shared through email. Documents can also be scanned to the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. All of this fuels increased productivity.

2. Improved Collaboration

Not only do the interactive whiteboards reduce travel, they also makes the meetings more productive. “Using our interactive smart boards we are able to have a 45 minute meeting and cover the same information without the windshield time,” smiles Runquist. “Why pay for people to drive around when you don’t have to.” The whiteboards also help with other presentations. “When groups come in, our interactive whiteboards give us a more professional appearance.” 3. Enhanced Security Handling sensitive patient information requires the

3. Enhanced Security

Handling sensitive patient information requires the highest levels of security. The new devices improve security by holding confidential print jobs, keeping information in unclaimed print jobs from being exposed on the exit tray. “When employees send something to the printer, it won’t print until you enter the code.”

4.Reduced Expenses

Runquist is happy about the results. “Our overall costs have gone down and our productivity has gone up because we are working differently.” “You outsource the things that are not your specialty and bring in the things that you are really good at.” “Century took us from a paper-based, 1990’s technology business to a primarily electronic, cloud-based business.” When asked what he would say to other organizations considering this technology, Runquist said, “Have an open mind. When somebody comes to me to talk about copy machines or interactive whiteboards, the initial response is, ‘Why do we need this?’”

the result

“It’s kind of funny. You would think in working with a copier company, we’d use more paper. We actually use less.”

“Century took us from a paper-based, 1990’s technology business to a primarily electronic, cloud-based business.”

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